DAVC D.A.V College(Lahore), Ambala City, Haryana 134003
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Ambala City

An Insignia of Anglo-Vedic Heritage




Hailed and venerated as the Heritage College of the DAVs, this institution is very close to the DAV world-view and its historiography. DAV College ( Lahore ), Ambala City , has a sacrosanct and hallowed history dating back to 1886 when it was established at Lahore with Mahatma Hans Raj as its honorary Principal. The year 1886 proved a watershed year as the institutionalization of college education in India by the DAVs had a historically significant ripple-effect which ultimately led to the birth and growth of a long chain of centres of higher education in India . Mahatma Hans Raj served this institution with humility, dedication and a missionary spirit. This DAV College in particular is a matrix of the Dayanand Anglo Vedic renaissance which played a stellar role in rejuvenating in a society intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Ever since its inception, this nodal college has been accoladed and honoured as a signifier of the core ideology of the DAV macrocosm.

After partition, the college was relocated at Ambala city in 1948. Great stalwarts like Principal Bhagwan Dass, Dr GL Datta, Lala Suraj Bhan, Prof Ved Vyas and Padam Bhushan Sh GP Chopra played a stupendous role in its rehabilitation, growth and progress. The college has acquired an excellent brand image, through its sterling contributions to higher education in the state of Haryana over many decades. Emphasis has always been to integrate moral values with physical, intellectual and spiritual development of young men and women, so that they become responsible citizens, who are to shape the destiny of the nation.

The mission of the college is to impart education by fusing ancient Indian values with modern, western, scientific outlook. True to its mission, the college offers a wide variety of educational programmes to the students. These include the vocational programmes such as BBA , BCA, B Sc (Electronic Equipment Maintenance) and BCom (Vocational), besides the traditional programmes.


Today, thousands of its students have risen to eminence as administrators, lawyers, educationists, doctors, engineers and industrialists. The college has produced eminent achievers like scholars, scientists, doctors, judges, lawyers and political leaders in its long history, including Nobel Laureate Dr Hargobind Khorana, former Vice President of India, (Late) Shri Krishna Kant and former Prime Minister of India, Shri Inder Kumar Gujral. In fact, the college has been the lonely ranger imparting Science Degree courses in Punjab and Haryana region for many-many years in its early period since moving to Ambala city. DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi has nomenclature this college as the Heritage College.

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